A Good Day at Anchor

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A Good Day at Anchor – The crème de la crème

We wake up and there is no need to rush. We still get up early to make the most of the day, but there is no alarm set. Cups of tea are in order.

But first we need to turn on our gas stove. Being on a boat and having a natural gas stove means we have a gas alarm. Every time we turn it on it goes through 30 seconds of loud high pitch screaming…. A minor inconvenience. We usually click it on, head up on deck and let it do it’s thing.

Up on deck if the wind is light and the water around us still… then our floating home becomes what we have always dreamed of. It is heaven. A big blue backyard that is begging for you to just jump in.

Morning swim or Yoga on the deck are the decisions we make before breakfast.

We rock, paper, scissors on who cooks breakfast and enjoy our meal on deck. Then we let the adventure begin.

If we are near a surf break then priorities take over… we wait for the right tide and head out in our dingy with our boards. This usually takes up the morning, and if Base has his way then it takes up the afternoon too.


If there is no surf nearby we have a few options: snorkeling, fishing, island exploring, beach marine debris survey’s.

We head back to the boat and make lunch and depending on the morning activities we normally have a short siesta or read for a bit post lunch.

Afternoons are filled with more adventuring, either surfing, diving or exploring. The day seems to go by in a flash. By sunset we light the barbeque to cook up the fish we caught that day or if there is no fish we cook up a curry, have a beer and watch the sun go down.



Evenings are usually early ones… unless the playing  cards and rum come out, which happens from time to time.

Besides the fun stuff that fills our day, the other living things include keeping our tiny home tidy which takes no time to tidy and even less time to mess it up!

As much as we enjoy each fine weather day at anchor we are always checking the weather to see what’s coming up and whether we can stay where we are or need to move on to another more protected anchorage… the weather dictates everything!

Not every day is like this, in fact many aren’t…. But these days make you forget the bad ones.

Here is the version of a day at anchor with crap weather.



Jamie and Base

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