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We both had just finished a solid stint working. One in far North Canada, the other in East Africa.

What did we need?  Surfing… Sun… Sand… Coconuts… and… Mangoes.

Where did we find it?  Costa Rica.

We landed in CR  and decided this trip was about reconnecting to what we value the most.

Time in Nature, Time in the Ocean,  and Time with Each Other.  So we decided to stay in one place with a couple little side trips thrown in. We hung out on the West Coast of Costa Rica for over 7 months. We ended up renting  an awesome little shack near the beach, just a short walk under a coconut grove to get to amazing beach breaks every day.

STsurf shack

Life became simple again. Wake up (sometimes to the sound of Monkeys), grab a cuppa. Head down and check the surf. It was  good almost every day. Have a morning paddle and head back to the shack for a mango smoothie.

P1120052A bit of a sleep to recoup and then the next part of the day was either – heading off teaching surf lessons for Base, and for me, either… start cracking some coconuts to make coconut oil, head to yoga, collect mangoes and papayas, or a bit of hammock reading time.

Base was able to work with his mate who runs a surf school down. I took up doing some massage at local resorts, got heavily in to yoga, and making coconut oil to sell at the local markets which quite a few expats and tourists went to. 

The wild life was amazing. Base got right into bird spotting of all the tropical species. I got into monkey watching and ducking as they threw mangoes at and all around our house (the cheeky buggers).

We took a  trip to the Caribbean side,  one to Panama, and one down to Pavones. But the best was just waking up every day and having good surf on our doorstep.

In 7 months we recouped and decided a life in the tropics, and just surfing  needed to have a bit more adventure. So the dream of sailing to remote places in search of waves and idyllic tropical locales became the forefront.

So we left the tropics and headed to back to WA. On the way a little stop in NZ and a storm surf in Raglan helped break up the trip.

The it was back in the land of lefts we found ourselves.

toucan salty times

costa rica wave salty times

monkey salty times

DSCN3584Sun kissed and salty just the way we like it!

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