Books We Froth On

Books open up your mind, your imagination and at times your soul!

We haven’t had a tv for nearly 10 years. We read a lot. Hands down the books on this page are ones that have made us Froth hard.

These books come with a top-level recommendation from Salty Times!

Base and I love different books, but we also love the same ones too. So there is a few sections that are recommended by just one of us.

Dive in… Fill up your Kindle and Enjoy!

Life Changing Reads 

 Sea Sick by Alanna Mitchell

We can’t say this book will make you happy.

But It will open your eyes to the plight of our Oceans.

It took us a while to read it aloud to each other. We had to add in happy things in between chapters.

But it changed our views forever about what we need to be doing for our Oceans. It lit a fire inside us both.

We highly recommend taking on reading this book ( it’s a little out of date now, but still extremely relevant).



Desert Solitaire by Edward Abbey

Nature writing the way it should be done.

A Classic timeless tale about the need for wild nature.

Definitely a great read for a road trip or camping weekend.

It does make you like humans a little bit less, but at the same time, it makes you like Ed Abbey more.


 The Invention of Nature. Alexander Von Humboldt’s New World by Andrea Wulf.

If you don’t know about Humboldt… you need to know about him.

He shaped this planet more than you can imagine. He inspired science, ecology, and art around the world.

Darwin was inspired by Humboldt. This man was an adventurer in the purest form of the word.

He talks of climate change and man’s impact on the planet before 1900.

A man ahead of his time, that history has almost forgotten. Thanks to Andrea Wulf we can all celebrate and remember Humboldt.

Please Read it… Share it and for the love of Nature get your “Humboldt On”!


Sailing Books

Dove by Robin Lee Graham with Derek L.T. Gill

In one word… Hero.

Robin Lee Graham sailing around the world in a 24 foot sloop.

A total inspiration for the cruising life and doing it with less.

You don’t need to be rich to go sailing. This book is proof.

It will make you want to get out on the water, that’s for sure.


The Voyager’s Handbook by Beth A. Leonard

Dream of Cruising. Then you need this book.

From frugal to luxury cruising this boat tells you what you need to know.

We used to read this at night well before we had our vessel and dreamt of all the cruising mission to come.

Such a great read to kick off the cruising dream.


Don Casey’s Sailboat Maintenance Manual

The Boat Life Dream is like 80% boat maintenance.

This book has been our bible. Don Casey is the master and we are his pupils.

Learn everything you know to keep your vessel in tip-top shape, no matter how old she is.

Illustrated to help those will less than average skills.

Essential for every Boat owner.


 Swell: A Sailing Surfer’s Voyage of Awakening by Liz Clark

Solo female sailor Liz Clark shares her personal insights into an amazing personal voyage.

She pursues her dreams, and shares the changes and insights in herself along the way.

It’s beautifully written and if anything can inspire you it’s Liz’s Courage.

Truly a SheSailor and badass hero!


Books on Nature

A Life Underwater by Charlie Veron 

A Biography of the Grandfather of Coral Reefs.

Charlie Veron’s life has been nothing less than extraordinary.

He has contributed so much to the understanding of Coral and Reefs.

He also knows what we risk losing in our underwater world.

Reading about Charlie’s life and work is well worth it for every ocean lover.


The Secret Life of Whales   By Micheline Jenner

Not only will you learn about Whales…

You’ll get a glimpse into the amazing and adventurous life of Mich and Curt Jenner, Whale Researchers.

A life on boats, dedicated to our cetacean friends and even raising two daughters at sea.

It’s a great read and filled with wonderful stories of their adventures all over.

Base and I hope to follow in their amazing footsteps and are a big inspiration for us!



 The Sea Bird’s Cry By Adam Nicholson

Every sailor starts a minor love affair with Sea Birds.

Sea Birds keep you company on passages and look graceful in gale-strength winds.

Adam Nicolson created a book that beautifully captures the essence of Sea Birds.

It will make you love them even more.

The hardcover book is a library essential. The Audiobook makes the words melt in your ears.

So good.


 Orangutans My Cousins, My Friends by Leif Cocks     

You will never think about Orangutans the same.

This man has spent his life around Orangutans.

He started as a zoo keeper at Perth Zoo and realised this smart amazing Great Apes should not be caged.

He started the Orangutan Project and from there has helped protect their homes in Sumatra and Borneo

Warning some stories in this book will make you cry… but it’s good to cry.

Well worth the read, super inspiring and motivating!


More to Come! 

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