Citizen Science

Over the last couple of years we have been working hard to make our sailing dreams come true. We also wanted to figure out some of the ways that we can do something for our Oceans to give back as we sail the West Australia Coast.

In May 2016, we departed on our first longer voyage on Lady C. We spent 7.5 months cruising the West Australian Coast.

We chose Citizen Science as a way to do something about a massive issue we care so much about – The Health of our Oceans.

We know the issues facing our Oceans, but it feels like the issues in our Oceans are easy to disconnect from. We can just go on with our surfing, sailing, diving and Salty life and pretend that everything is fine.

We don’t want to stick our heads in the sand, we want to do something!

This is what we believe:

If  You Learn about A Place
Then You Will Care About A Place
Then You Can Fall In Love With A Place
If  You Love A Place, Then You Will Protect it.

Below are some of the projects we have been doing and the results that we have found.

During our first voyage our main focus was Marine Debris.

In 2017 we are looking into the Health of the Ningaloo Reef.

         Find out more about our upcoming voyage – Here!

 Please check out our Crowdfunding Campaign to help us make this mission have a greater impact for our Oceans Health. We have some great perks on offer!

Thanks so much for checking it out: A Salty Voyage

Find out more about our Marine Debris Surveys from our 2016 Sailing Voyage.

36 surveys, 3 marine debris hot spots identified, and key observations on Marine Debris along the West Australian Coast!

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Observations on marine life from our time at sea. 

Find out more here. ( will be updated soon!)

Phytoplankton is responsible for absorbing carbon from our atmosphere. It provides us with every second breath we breathe! We have been taking measurements to add it to a global database on phytoplankton research

Find out more here. (coming soon!)

How healthy are our Reefs?

We work with Reef Check Australia and help monitor the health of our reefs!

Find out more here ( we promise and update is coming soon!)

We love sharing our passion for the Ocean with other. 

We love telling stories about our adventures out at Sea! 

We share how others can get involved in Citizen Science and why our Ocean needs more warriors!  

Find out more about a recent event we put on.


Learn more about how to keep things as Eco Friendly as possible! 

We live on renewables, live low waste, and make sure every product we use is Ocean Friendly! 

Find out More ( how to guides are coming!)

Adventure, Exploration, Ocean Health and Citizen Science.

         A Salty Voyage – Ningaloo Reef

In May 2017 we set off in sailing kayaks to explore the entire Ningaloo Reef !

           Learn more about this project and learn how you can get involved!

We are currently looking to connect with Researchers and Scientists working along the Ningaloo Reef, Ocean Advocated with a Passion for Ningaloo, and a Filmmaker that loves the  Ocean and is up for an adventure!

Find out more Here! (YES it’s live and updated – Click it!)