Dreams Come True

1 Posted by - November 30, 2016 - cruising, Salty Times

The surf that made dreams come true.

For years we dreamed about sailing to surf breaks. These dreams are what propelled us to make the sailing life our reality

There were times when we sacrificed surfs, getting a new board, and surf trip with mates to put the work in to save up for our vessel. It always felt bitter sweet at those times. We knew one day it would all be worth it.

We left Carnarvon and we knew we were 1 step closer to getting waves. An overnight sail brought us to Quobba station  and home to the amazing Red Bluff break. As the sun rose and the towering Bluff came into view…. the excitement was building.

Red bluff first light

As we entered the bay the waves were peeling off the cliff face. We got within view and saw the surfers in the line up.  We pulled in towards a safe place to anchor on the inside of the wave and as we did two people in surf started waving at us. We peered closer and saw it was our good mates from Fremantle Pearce and Kirri. Who drove up to Bluff. What a feeling seeing your mates at a surf break that you just sailed up to… Priceless.

Pearce paddled over and put the cuppa on and made some breakfast and watched Kirri get barreled ( she is Jamie’s surfing inspiration.) It didn’t take Base long to don his wet suit, jump over the side and head for a paddle.

This is what dreams are made of.

sailing to surf

I (Jamie) was keen to surf, but the need to slept too precedent after the night passage ( I knew my waves would come eventually). I napped while he surfed. I wake up and look outside and there are a few more people in the surf, but there was also an unexpected sight. A humpback whale cruised inside the wave and was tail flapping and frolicking just were the surfers were kicking off the wave.


Some surfers saw the whale and others had no idea. Two surfers tried to get out of the water while the whale was having a play. He was right in front of the key hole to get out of the surf. I watched with amazement from the boat as these two surfers tried to negotiate their way around a massive whale…. Only in Western Australia.


The whale eventually decided to give up his attempts to surf and cruised off.


Base paddled back to the boat and he had no idea that Humpback had just joined him in the line-up. He dried off and we both sat in the cockpit feeling like all the work to make this trip happen was worth it already…. we were only one surf session in.




  • Ronnie December 24, 2016 - 4:01 am Reply

    So cool! I bet it is both amazing and terrifying being so close to such a huge animal!

  • Mark Fisher January 1, 2017 - 8:33 pm Reply

    Hi guys

    Just started reading your site. Fantastic! Keep updating it, love it 🙏🏻


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