Salty Times Travels to….OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Location: Oahu, Hawaii

Duration of visit: 10 days

Time of the year: Summer

The Salty Times Rating Scale:
Each score is out of 20 for a total out of 100.
 20= all time, 1= not so good

Surfing hawaii

Surf: 8/20

3 to 4 ft, Southshore of Oahu, fun summer waves. We surfed every day, sometimes glassy, mostly good conditions. North shore was flat, and Base was craving bigger waves with some extra Hawaiian juice, Jamie got to long board and loved every minute of it.

Longboards Hawaii

Adventure: 5/20

This trip didn’t have much adventure, we broke up the long flight to Canada by stopping here. We only got to explore Oahu, did some snorkeling, and surfed everyday. We avoided the tourism by staying in an AirBNB out of Honolulu. A beautiful drive around the island gave us a taste of how much exploring there is to do! Next time.

Serenity by the sea

Nature: 10/20

Surfing in tropical warm waters, visits from turtles, Turns and Friggets (birds). Amazing lush green mountains and tropical foliage.  Such a beautiful place!
Swimming with turtles

Food: 15/20

We cooked a lot of our own food, and the menu included amazing fresh local tropical fruits from the farmers markets, sustainably caught fish, organic veggies and overall healthy eating. What more could you ask for???

 People and Culture: 10/20

People were very friendly, and we wished we could have stayed longer to actually connect more with both people and the culture. The homage to surf legend the Duke Kahanamoku  was amazing to see, especially since he brought surfing to Australia and the world. We also loved  seeing the outrigger canoes and the connection to past voyaging waterman of Hawaii.

Total: 46/100

We only got a tiny taste of Hawaii, but it was such a delicious taste! We totally want to come back for more!
** this rating scale is based on our perspective and experiences when we travel! it is in no way indicative of the overall country or place we visit, Just our opinions about our travels there. We also scale things pretty difficult as there is always going to be something else down the track that might blow our minds and get a full 20/20!