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A couple of months ago Jamie and I where walking along a west coast New Zealand beach. I made a comment that there was very little rubbish on the beach and how cool it is to be on a pristine looking beach. We pondered whether the local communities do regular clean ups or whether the southern ocean may be relatively rubbish free.  As we climbed the bouldered shore and got to the reef platform we noticed some bright orange colours in and around the rock pools. At first I thought they were little Anenomes, so we went in, for a closer look.


They definitely weren’t Anenomes, in fact with close inspection is was plastic nylon netting and fishing line that started sticking to the rocks, looking like a type of sea weed. It was pretty horrifying to realise the beautiful coloured rock pools were actually plastic pollution on this far flung wild beach.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


We walked back along the beach talking about how far and wide humans have spread their waste. Have we lost the value of things so much that everything is disposable and it becomes the trash of our world?

If you look at the bigger picture it may seem bleak, however when you look at your life, your footprint, and the impact that you personally have there is so much that can be done to reduce the rubbish you create and minimise plastic in your life.


As Ocean lovers, surfer and sailors we have an extra special connection to the big salty blue and reducing the amount of plastic that we use and throw away is so critical to the health of our Oceans.

Three years ago Jamie took on a challenge to live without single use plastic for a month – it’s called Plastic Free July and thousands of people around the world take part each year. Jamie has been living a life with less plastic for the past three years and she has dragged me along with her. I even said in my wedding vows that I promise to not use plastic bags. (She loved that one!)

So as we go through July again it’s time to get extra conscious about all the single use plastic in your life and reduce it… or if you’re up for it go without any at all!

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Jamie has so many tips to share about living plastic free and she is going to be putting some tips up here over the course of the month to help you live with less plastic.

Do it for our oceans, and our sea birds.

Want to learn more about plastic’s effect on our Oceans – Check out these sites:



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