Location: Iceland
Duration of visit: 10 days
Time of the year: End of September

The Salty Times Rating Scale:

Each score is out of 20 for a total out of 100.

20= all time, 1= not so good


Adventure: 10/20
9 nights in a campervan around Iceland gave us the freedom to explore and choose our own path. We hunted for surf, explored dirt tracks, hiked, hugged icebergs and climbed into volcanoe craters. It was an amazing chance to explore and we feel like we just touched the tip of what is possible here. So much to come back for.

Rainbow waterfall Iceland

Nature: 18/20
Mind blowing… The most beautiful country we have ever experienced (hands down!). Such intensity all around you. We explored the South Coast and it was amazing. Iceburgs, glaciers, volcanoes, geysers, waterfalls, rainbows and craggy moss! The words wow and amazing didn’t capture it, we ended up driving around with massive open mouths just drooling over how gorgeous the scenery is.

Autumn in Iceland

Surf: 8/20
We had lots of days with no waves, but the days we did surf it was great. We surfed some epic point breaks, and yes it was cold. With well equipped wetties, it was manageable. Just the inspiration to get in the water on a couple days needed to be mustered with a warm cup of tea. We met a couple local surfers, nice guys and a few travelling surfers as well. All up such a great taster of surfing at 66 degrees North.



Food: 9/20
Lots of seafood, fresh fish and chowders. Hotdogs are very popular around the island. We ended up cooking a lot of our own food in the camper. There was loads of variety from the super market, lots imported from Europe. We had a few great meals out and really enjoyed the meals we had in Rekyavik.

People and Culture: 14/20
We did quite a bit of independent travel on this trip, but every time we encountered a local we were impressed by their generosity and hospitality. They culture of Iceland is fascinating, their Viking ancestry and traditional Icelandic culture was amazing to learn about. We had a couple great experiences with Icelanders introducing us to a great local band, giving us birthday cake on the house and even a free stout on a stormy afternoon. Reykjavik has a really nice vibe to it as well and a  fun nightlife.

Iceland adventures

Total: 59/100

** This rating scale is based on our perspective and experiences when we travel! it is in no way indicative of the overall country or place we visit, Just our opinions about our travels there. We also scale things pretty difficult as there is always going to be something else down the track that might blow our minds and get a full 20/20!