Marine Debris and Microplastic Surveys

Citizen Science – Marine Debris Report

When we set sail in May 2016 we wanted to do something to give back to our Ocean for all that it gives to us.  We know that there is a major problem with marine debris and plastic pollution in our global Oceans. We wanted to look into our backyard – the Western Australia Coast to see how bad the problem is here.

Our aim was to survey every place that we visited over 8 months from Perth to the Montebello Islands off Karratha. We sailed over 2500 nautical miles (4360 km) and did 36 Marine Debris Surveys including 5 micro plastic surveys.

Below is our report and observations from the trip, including some recommendations on what we need to do to curb the marine debris issue.

We are so lucky to have such an amazing, wild, and undeveloped coastline in our backyard. We have so many beaches that are pristine with very little to no marine debris, but we did find some ‘Marine Debris Hotspots’ that we need to stay on top of cleaning up and noting where the debris is coming from.

Check out the report below to learn more and you can also download  it on the link below the preview.

Thanks for checking it out. Be sure to check out our next Citizen Science Mission for 2017 – A Salty Voyage –  Find out More

To download a copy of the report please Click here. Please only print it if you need to. Read it online and save resources!

Rottnest Island Micro Plastics Survey

While visiting Rottnest Island we conducting a Micro Plastics Survey at Parker Point and Micro Plastics trawling from Thompsons Bay to Parker Point.

Find out more about the surveys and what we found here (update coming soon!)

Microplastic Trawling in Front of Fremantle Port

Sea Shepherd Marine Debris Team,  Scab Duty, and Salty Times  trialed a Manta trawl in local waters. We trawled in front of the Swan River and Fremantle Port. Find out more about our first plastic trawl and what we found here ( update coming soon!)

Beach Marine Debris Surveys

Sailing from Fremantle to the Montebello Islands and back we stopped at many beaches and islands along the way. Every place we visited we did a Marine Debris Survey and recorded what we found. Learn more here about what we found and to access our Results from our first citizen science expedition.

We are going to be furthering out Marine Debris Study with in water surveys.

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