Maritime Canada

Location: Maritime Canada (New Brunswick and  Nova Scotia)
Duration of visit: 3 weeks
Time of the year: September

The Salty Times Rating Scale:

Each score is out of 20 for a total out of 100.

20= all time, 1= not so good

point breaks

We were itchy for surf  for two weeks, and then the hurricane Edouard came and gave us 2 days of 3-4ft long point breaks, in the most gorgeous glassy conditions. Such fun waves, nothing to over the top, but long point breaks to make your muscles ache and put a huge grin on your face.


Seaside campfire

Adventure: 7/20
A few hikes in national parks, a bit of sea kayaking, some Wednesday night sailing races, and a last minute surf mission to chase hurricane swell from Edourard… Bits and pieces of adventure.


Nature: 10/20

Beautiful coast lines and gorgeous forest surround the Maritimes. A couple highlights a ground hog spotted, a few deer sightings, a couple bald eagles. Seeing a supermoon rise, watching the pedicodiac tidal bore, learnt about medicinal chaga that comes from a birch tree, taught by a local bush man. Birds, leaves changing colour,  lots of walks in nature. image


Food: 15/20
Lots of fresh Atlantic seafood. More lobster than you could poke a stick at. seafood chowder competition for our engagement party. Lots of clams, scallops, fish, and home cooking. Mmmmmm!

People and Culture: 12/20
Time with the family, and getting to see extended relatives, hanging with my little nephew and niece.  Maritimers are nice and friendly people, always keen for a chat. Met some nice people in the surf and also some friendly people that took us aboard their vessels for a evening sailing race. Lots of locally made goods, and artists about.



The Maritimes 54/100

The Maritimes was all about catching up with family and celebrating our engagement. It made for a great trip and then we added some surfing, sailing and hiking and it became even more amazing.

** this rating scale is based on our perspective and experiences when we travel! it is in no way indicative of the overall country or place we visit, Just our opinions about our travels there. We also scale things pretty difficult as there is always going to be something else down the track that might blow our minds and get a full 20/20!