My God…When will we leave?

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The To-Do lists have been reduced down from 5 pages front and back to 1 page (one sided)! Woohoo!

Voyage Prep

There isn’t much more to do. The food is on and provisioned for the next 6 months, there is enough water ( well if you count 4 litres of fresh water a day…enough!). We have our surfboards on!

We have been working pretty hard to get things done and be ready to go.

What have we been doing???

Charade is a beautiful Yacht, but she isn’t set up for crossing oceans. When we bought her she was set up for local cruising and local charters. She wasn’t set for a 8 month mission up the remote Western Australian coastline. We have been getting her prepped for this voyage for a while now,  but I think we may have underestimated the amount of work needed to be done.

Our Lady C is  an older lass. She was launched in 1980, built solid, and extremely well maintained. Base and I have been trying our best to keep up her beauty routine (aka Maintenance), and we have added a few things to her as well.

JV helm


Solar power have been an interesting one. We’ve had some issues, but we think they are on the up and up! ( I’ll  get Base to write a special post all about boat electrics and solar, as he’s learnt so much in the process.)


Water, well the water situation, isn’t ideal. Of course a small desalinator water maker would be great addition on board Lady C, but we can’t quite fork out the thousands of $ for one.  I have a not so secret dream of making a pedal powered desalinator – It will be done!

We have water bladders in the bilges for drinking water. We have 200L of drinking water, and another 140 litres of water that sits in fibreglass tanks. Not something we want to be drinking, but we can wash and cook and with it. In an extreme situation we would drink it. I wish we could have coated the tanks with something to make it drinkable, as we are going to have to go back into port when we are low on water. A desalinator would mean a lot more time remote sailing for us – saving up our pennies.

Opening Portlights

Thanks to an amazing Shipwright we have become friends with, we got a hand putting in 5 opening portlights. This was for ventilation and also to lighten and brighten the cabin.


The Paperwork

We have been getting our Australian Registration for the Vessel and our Indonesian visas and permits. Ahhh Paper work… gotta love it. Glad to say we can now raise the Australian Flag as a nationally registered vessel ( not just a state vessel!), and I will be hand sewing and Indonesia flag as we go, to save money from the store bought ones ($50 vs $2)


Food provisions have taken so much time. Shopping is the quick part, stowing is the long and tedious part. We have gone plastic free and as low waste as possible. I will be sharing more about our provisioning feats in a future post. We have all whole foods and dry goods – so pulses, lentils, beans, nuts, seeds, flour, rice. We have to get our fresh stuff yet, but that will only we a weeks worth of food. Then we will try our hand at catching fish to supplement our food when it runs out.

IMG_5719 (1) IMG_5723


Citizen Science

We are geared up for our citizen science projects, and although we don’t have a plastics trawl net ( we are still working on that one – too much $$, so we are making our own). We do have micro plastic sieves and digital microscope to use. We will be also using a secchi disk to measure phytoplankton. We have teamed up with Sea Shepherds Marine Debris Campaign and will be using our time at sea to gather data, and share information including plastic free solutions as we go.

IMG_5628 Micro plastics trawling

Bye Bye Troopie

Selling our car was a another big step. So sad to do it as we have had so many adventures in our good ol’ Troopie. But the sea is calling and we needed the money!

These were the big jobs… here is a little snap shop of the other jobs that we thought were small but still take heaps of time.


All the small things

lash anchors, tie down batteries, spray guards cut and sewn, change mast head light, learn to go up mast, rewire radio, safety lines, new harness, first aid kit supplied, lee cloths, engine oil change, spare parts, outboard serviced, water filter, toilet plumping fittings… it goes on and on.

SOOOOO when are we leaving. 

Well we were suppose to leave today… but the weather was not in our favor. Light winds from the North, and a front with big swell headed our way on the weekend. We are finishing off last minute jobs, and keeping our eye on the weather. We are so close to setting off, we can both smell it!

Am I nervous – hell yes, am I excited – hell yes, am I frothing- hell yes, am I sad to be leaving friends and the lovely town of Freo – hell yes!

But warm water, empty waves and the sailing cruising life have been a dream for 7 years and it’s so close to finally coming true. There are butterflies in my stomach, that is how I know I am really living and doing exactly what I should be doing.

The next blog will be coming at you from the sea!



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