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In our minds we would be sailing North bound by now… But life doesn’t happen as planned. Especially when your provisioning and getting a boat ready to cruise! We have been working pretty hard to get through the tasks we need to finish.


A follow up from our three big tasks: The solar panels arrived (to be installed), the Windvane was purchased and just got in yesterday, the Portlights are delayed and now being shipped to Exmouth.


In the last couple weeks we have been working a few other projects. Here is what we have busted out:

– Painting the non-skid deck ( we used beach sand and she came up golden!)
– Bought second hand self tailing winches, cleaned them up and installed them.
– Got a Bimini built for shade and for storing the solar panels.
– Changed all the lights in the cabin to LED.
– Made cockpit cushions
– Got saltytimes cards designed and printed
– Replaced our CQR anchor with a Delta and got a back up Fisherman’s Anchor.
– Installed deck fittings and got webbing for our safetylines.
– Varnished a new back bench for the aft seat.
– Had the table removed and more functional one fit.
– Provisioned all of our food for the trip
– Stowed all our belongings (well almost)
– Got our phones set up to Telstra and a Telstra antenna installed
– Bought speakers for tunes!
– Kitted out wet weather gear
– Serviced and installed our life raft
– Ordered the extra charts we needed
– Had cockpit splash guards made
– Restocked the first aid kit.
– Fixed our gas stove.
– Set up reefing tabs and a new reefing hook on our main sail




Besides this we are working on the sailing visas we need for Indo, and we found out we need to get our vessel registered as an Australian Vessel to go over seas. This is more of a process that we expected and more of a fee ($1100 surprise!) too!

So we are still one week to 10 days away from setting sail. The lists still have jobs on them. So we are working our butts off so we can get this ship moving.


We each keep reminding one and other that this is part of the journey. We are enjoying it and it’s a fun time working on the boat and living in the harbour in Freo our home port. So we make sure to stop and soak it all in as we go! And sing lots of ridiculous made up songs along the way.

All for now
– Jamie and Base

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