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Our Story

Want to know a bit about how we got to the point of living and cruising on our 32ft Sailboat Charade (or as we like to call her ‘Lady C’)?

Salty Times Dream


This is our dream in a nut shell – The Dream

Here is where we are now – Setting off on A Salty Voyage!

We have just sailed the West Australian Coast on an amazing 8 month voyage

Find out more about our first season as cruisers! 











This is our story from the beginning – Where it starts and

how we established sailing was for us – Gremlin









This is how we found our vessel – Charade and how we fell in love – First Inspection ( More about our boat here)

JV helm

Here is a bit about us…

Base grew up sailing and surfing. He has sailed across The Pacific, sailed through Greece and worked on boats in the US. He is a sailor through and through!

img_6795Jamie never knew how to sail before she met Base. But she never lets anything get in her way! IMG_2351

Here is how she got her sea legs and tried to catch up to Captain Base – Working on the Water and Under My Belt

This is what we have on the cards for our first voyage.




Past Travels:

We’ve done quite a bit of travel – check out our map of places we’ve been!

This is what drives us….

 Citizens of the Ocean

We have a deep love for our Oceans and as we sail, surf and dive and we want to give back and do more for the Health of the Big Salty Blue. Using citizen science we are learning more and sharing what we learn! Citizen Science for our Oceans

Our latest citizen science projects can be found here: Salty Citizen Science

Here is the report we created after 7.5 months of sailing and doing Marine Debris Research.

You can download it here

We have a really exciting project lined up for this year. Find out more about

A Salty Voyage – Ningaloo

How we fund our trips:

Our boat is commercially licensed to take passengers and we can run it as a sailing school or charter business and we do.  The business is called Southern Cross Sailing and we operate out of Fremantle. We share our love of sailing with others…. possibly one of the best jobs in the world! With any money we make, it funds our Citizen Science projects for Ocean Health. So why not come out for a sail with us….- learn more here

We also take donations to help us do more Citizen Science for our Oceans. If you can donate – every little bit helps. Donate Here

Jamie also runs an online business – all around Steps to Eco Living – and does online content marketing, social media and websites! Contact her if you want to get a new site going, or update an old one!!

Be sure to check out our Facebook Page and Instagram @Saltytimes , hashtag #saltytimes and our growing You Tube Channel

We love hearing from like minded people… please drop us a line any time!

Thanks for the support! Life if short we have to make the most of our time on this amazing blue planet of ours!


Stay Salty!


Base and Jamie

The epitome of Saltytimes