Location: Tasmania

Duration of visit: 10 days

Time of the year: October
The Salty Times Rating Scale:
Each score is out of 20 for a total out of 100.
 20= all time, 1= not so good
Beach Break in Tassie
Surf: 10/20 
We lucked out and arrived the night before the points in Hobart started working… since they only break three to four times a year we considered ourselves pretty lucky.  We got a few beachie surfs in, and just loved the number of beautiful back drops to all the surf spots. It was a massive change coming here after Canada and Iceland – we were back in the land of hardcore surfers. That means one thing – crowds and hassle. But Tassie was pretty sweet, we got chatting to a few local crew and while in the water it’s one thing, in the car park they are pretty cool.  We had some pretty fun sessions in Taz.
Adventure: 8/20
In 10 days , we got to fit in Sailing in the Derwint, A day Hike through Mount Field National Park, a Surf and Oyster mission to Bruny island and a cruise down the Tasman Peninsula, a few surfs, some Hobart touring, a trip to Cascade  brewer and lots of catching up with mates. Such a beautiful and wild place. We didn’t get to sink into to any major adventures, but we got a taste. We really want to come back and check out the South West… the wild west! A hikers and nature lovers dream.
tesselated pavements
Nature: 15/20
The forest and tall trees make you feel absolutely insignificant… and it’s an amazing feeling! The Birds in Tassie are spectacular and had Base twitching like mad over species he’d never seen before. We came across and Echidna in the bush near our campsite and spent a couple hours Platypus hunting in a river with no sightings. The best part about nature in Tassie is that  from most places, it’s only a short drive away. Sometimes it’s even just a short walk away. It’s here. there and everywhere, and it makes you feel like being in the city isn’t so bad when you can drive 10 mins and feel like your surrounded by trees and nature, miles from the city.
Mount Field National Park
Food: 12/20
Best Oysters on Earth! Bruny Oysters are to die for. On top of that add great local beers, and lots of Salmon. However, after catching up with a good mate and learning how  environmentally bad (and ethically too, think factory farmed fish) the farmed Salmon is in Tassie, it changed my perspective on how good it tastes. Besides that we got to head to the farmers gate markets in Hobart and the fresh produce was lovely and there were lots of little home made stalls of goodies. The restaurants and bars in Hobart are pretty cool too. It reminded us of Fremantle where we live , similar vibe and lots of good eats.
stout and oysters
People and Culture: 14/20
We both loved the sailing culture of Hobart and Tassie.  In Western Australia the power boat is king… In Tassie it’s the sail boat. The sailing and maritime culture is everywhere and we loved it. The best part about visiting Tassie was catching up with good mates. Our close friends recently moved to Tas, and they showed us a great time and super hospitality. Some mates we hadn’t seen in ages, and it was soo good to have a beer and catch up with them all. The people we met in Tassie were awesome, and we loved the vibe of nature, outdoors that so many froth on there. We didn’t get into the countryside where we hear the bogans run wild… we’ll save that for next time.
Total: 59/100
 Tasmania… we will be back.
** this rating scale is based on our perspective and experiences when we travel! it is in no way indicative of the overall country or place we visit, Just our opinions about our travels there. We also scale things pretty difficult as there is always going to be something else down the track that might blow our minds and get a full 20/20!