The Crew

A bit about us…

Base Jones


From: Western Australia

Age: 35Captain Jones

Bound by the Indian Ocean to the West and the desert to the East, I have always yearned for adventure. Early years sailing and surfing in local waters, as well as trips to neighboring islands led me down the path of wanting to travel and explore the world.

In my first stint overseas for surfing, sailing and exploring took me from Indonesia, to Europe and North Africa, Central and South America and across the Pacific over 5.5 years. I worked on charter boats, taught surf lessons, and crewed for 8 months across the Pacific all these experiences made me realise how much I wanted to be the Captain of my own vessel.

Returning to Western Australia I was lured on to a different path. I ventured into the outback, where I lived in swags, drove Land Cruisers around the bush and worked as an exploration geologist. This work then led to me to the Northern Tundra in Canada where I went from working in +46 degrees in Australia, to working in -55 degrees in Labrador, two extreme climates.

With plans of getting back to the ocean, my work has took me to Hydrogeology – the study of ground water. I have spent the last 3.5 years working as a Hydrogeologist gaining experience, so that I may be able to work for communities and their water needs in the future.

I quit last year and have since completed my Ocean Yactmaster of sailing. We have been running our vessel as a sailing charter business under and have been taking people out for casual sailing as well as learn to sail courses!

We are now well and truly on the way to realising the dream of living and cruising to remote islands in search of surf and adventure on our own vessel. We are soon be leaving and can’t wait to see what unfolds as the wind takes us North.

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 Jamie Van Jones

From: Canada

Age: 30

jvj up mastPassion for our planet, nature, and the environment has lead me down some interesting paths. Camping, hiking, always being outdoors as I was growing up gave me a gift of appreciating our Earth from a young age.

Having studied sciences and sustainable development  led to working in the environmental sector for 9 years. Passion for people and our planet took me to work overseas in Tanzania in Water and Sanitation for a year. Returning back to Perth so we could save for a vessel, I struggled to find a job that fitted my values and was aligned with my passions. So I decided I had to tread my own path, do my own thing and I became an Eco-entrepreneur.

I founded – a not for profit sustainability directory for Fremantle ( where we pen our boat). I also founded The Green Scene – a sustainability consultancy which specialises in practical sustainable changes within businesses,  events, and in communities. Life at sea has lead me take my real passion online which is how to live as light on the planet as possible, while living an extraordinary life. I love inspiring other to do the same and through practical steps, e-courses and lots of creative solutions I share how to live a more planet friendly life over at .

Besides trying to make the world a better place and protecting our planet… My passions include the Ocean, Surfing, Sailing,  Hiking, Camping, and Travel. Hence why a life on a sailboat is a perfect fit!

We are both pretty excited to be working on some awesome citizen science projects as we sail… find out more about those here.