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Sea time was still the aim so I ( Jamie) could get my coxswains ticket. I also needed to build more confidence up on the water.

I decided to volunteer for the local sea rescue group.

I didn’t know what I was getting into, but I decided to dive in. I volunteered a lot in the beginning, I was put through training and then spent a lot of time on call out for week day emergencies.

The Fremantle Sea Rescue  provides emergency support for the local waters around Freo. So any boat that is in need of assistance , the Fremantle Sea Rescue heads out to help and provide a tow if necessary.

I was working from home and starting on my own business, so I could give lots of availability to get called out when there was an emergency. The rescue group gave great training and before I knew it, I was helping to rescue other boats, throwing tow lines, doing rafts and difficult morning maneuvers.

I was finding my footing more and more on boats, and really feeling like I was gaining confidence on the water.

Base has to keep going pretty hard with work to keep paying off the boat. He was away  a lot, it’s hard being apart all of the time, but we knew in the long run this is what we had to do.

Meanwhile we weren’t sailing very much 🙁

We were talking about the next step… where to go, when to go… how to make the dream come together.

It was a work in progress at this point.


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