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A Day in the Life of Salty Times

Have you ever wondered what the sailing cruising life is like?

I know that before I moved onboard I spent many hours daydreaming about what it would be like. I followed various sailor’s blogs and tried to paint a picture of what my future life would be like.

After a year and half living aboard our vessel Lady C,  I can now give you a  good description of what our daily life is like. To really describe what it’s like for us I have to give you two different versions to capture it. One when we aren’t moving and one when we are.

Firstly, a little description of our tiny floating home…

She is 32 feet long on the water line. Add a bowsprit and a bit on the end and we can push it to 36 feet. But we don’t live on the bowsprit. We have two cabins and a centre cockpit in the middle. We live in the forward cabin with a galley (kitchen), table, pantry, toilet/shower, and two bunks forward.


The back cabin is where our fridge, surfboards and extra sails live. Oh and we have two spare bunks for visitors. Just a bit of gear shuffling is required to accommodate guests. All up we mostly live in 18sq feet of space down below. We do have a lot of deck space and we use it when the weather allows.

Our lifestyle is 100% dependent on the weather (that has it’s pros and cons). We change how we live depending on the weather and on our movements.


                                                  Not every Day is like this…. but when it is = Heaven!

When we are anchor life has a different routine if it’s  – Good weather or Not so good weather

We are often travelling to the next destination and so we have day sailing legs and night Sailing legs. Each one of these days are different from the other.

Not every sailor lives like us, so this story is really about how we live.

We keep things on our boat pretty simple. For instance we have hand steered our boat for the last 7 months (no Auto Pilot). Yes, it was a challenge at times, but we didn’t want to delay our trip any longer…. So we made do with what we had… two pairs of hands and a steering wheel. 2 hours on and 2 hours off became our routine.

We have no hot water onboard and limited fresh water in general. We live off our solar panels, catch fish for our food, and spend very little time in harbour’s or marina’s, when we are cruising.  Mostly we spend our time at remote anchorages on our own 🙂 !

Life while cruising is simplified.

We love every part of the cruising life. The good weather and the bad. The times at anchor and the times we sail. It is a lifestyle that we plan to keep going with. It suits us and life is short… so you have to make the most of it!

So check out our various types of a day in the life of Salty Times:

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