When Life give you lemons…Suck it up.

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Our decision to postpone our sailing voyage, threw a bit of a spanner in the works, but we knew we made the right decision. So we have started looking forwards. We were going to keep staying Salty… surfing as much as we can, sailing (locally) as much as we can, and in general a few other missions up our sleeves all with ocean saltiness involved.

So while we still live on the boat in winter ( think rainy, stormy days stuck in a walk in closet!) we were getting on with things. That was until the universe gave us another curve ball and dumped a pile of lemons on top of us.

We spent the weekend at Base’s family’s place and we got some nice waves in the process. In fact we came home frothing. The downside was Base had to fly out to work for three weeks 🙁 . It was a super stormy night and we left things in the car, we normally wouldn’t have.  So when we went to car the next morning we found the back window smashed and our quiver of surf boards taken, as well as our camera and ipod.


 Beauty of a Custom Longboard – 🙁 tear…

This felt like a severe kick to the gut. It shook us both. The surfboards were our cherished possessions, that we have collected over 6 years. They took 2 beautfiful longboards, a single fin, a fish, two short board both picked up overseas. All unique, all magic surfboards.

With hope and determination we thought we could track them down. But so far all roads have been dead ends. Our beautiful unique boards are in someone’s shed – not being surfed, or sold. Just going to waste as the winter swells roll in.  I might feel better if I knew someone was hanging 10 on the longboards.

I know it wasn’t surfers that stole our boards. A true surfer wouldn’t do that.


            There will be other boards…   

Something from this crap situation that came to light was that we are part of a pretty awesome surf community here in Western Australia. From the top to the bottom of the state we had surfers reach out to us. We shared  the pics of our boards on facebook with any surfer groups we could find. In a few days those photos and our plea for help to find our boards was shared 370 times.

Numerous times we have had complete strangers offer us board to have, or use. Just because they knew we would be missing time in the water.  It was amazing to feel the connection to the all the good salty souls of the surfing community. Thanks to all those crew. Even if you just posted a comment or shared our pic. It was nice to know that so many surfers out there empathised.

Lemons… So Many lemons. Yes we could stay bitter about this. We have both gone through a gammit of emotions that happen after a theft. More than anything you  have to focus on what you still have and become extremly grateful for it. So while I don’t feel like I’ve been making lemonade with the lemons pile on the universe gave us. I do feel like we have been sucking it up and moving forward. One step at a time.

One of those steps is planning a surf mission to Indo (via jet plane). We are off for two months of tropical surfs, with some old boards in our quiver we had kept on the boat. It’s a working and studying holiday, but at least it’s warm and there are waves abound. No matter what we will make the most of it and get as salty as possible.

Hopefully your staying salty no matter where in the world you are!

And…lemons be dammed, we will persist!



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