1 Week Aboard

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It’s been a week living on ‘Lady C’ so far. We have spent the week getting sorted, stowing away our things and getting used to living in a tiny home.

We are in a pen in the Marina in Fremantle and life has been pretty easy. There are no restrictions on water, power, or even what food we eat. We have a secure pen and can sleep through the night without waking up to check if our anchor is holding. Day to day life is filled with doing boat jobs and getting provisions for the trip.

A Boat in harbour is safe, but that is not what Boats were built for.

Base has been finishing up work, and I have been spending days working on the boat. There are lots of jobs to do: Provisions the boat with healthy, no packaged food is one taking up a chunk of my time. Cockpit cushions, making the boat sailing proof ( so things in the cabin won’t smash from one side to the other as we sail),  and regular maintenance like wood work, stainless steel polishing, it all goes on. The difference now is, Lady C is home and it’s just like doing jobs around the house.


We have three major jobs to get through before we are ready to leave.

1. Solar panels installed

2. Opening portlights (windows) installed

3. A self steering wind vane set up.

We are waiting on the portlights and solar panels and still need to buy the wind vane. It feels like 3 big boxes to tick.

So while we do these jobs, we are actually just enjoying life in the marina and all the luxuries it comes with.

We are seeing dolphins daily, using the beach for our showers and enjoying  having a cosy dry bunk to sleep in at the end of the day.


local shower and bath

I guess it’s the calm before the storm – scratch that – no storms.

It’s the rest before the adventure begins. Either way life as we know it is going to change!

– Jamie and Base

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