5 Piece Cook Set

From living tiny in a sailboat to camping and kayaking means having kitchenware that suits small spaces is essential. This kitchen set from Sea to Summit is amazing.

Pot, 2x Bowls,  2 x Cups all fits perfectly into one and other. This means one flat pack for all we need in the kitchen. Such a handy little set. The silicone material it’s made of is durable and tough and as a bonus it is BPA free ( a nasty chemical).

We definitely put it through its paces as we used it over the 6 weeks we spent along the Ningaloo Coast.

The cups are great to carry with us to perfect sunset or picnic spots.


The pot took a little bit to get used to. It’s great for boiling water. You have to be very careful cooking things that take a while to cook, as the bottom is thin and it can get too hot and burn. Also, you don’t want the flame to be too big on your burner as it can burn the Silicone sides.

Overall for cups of tea, boiling pasta, quick oats it worked great. We do a lot of bulk food cooking to keep our adventures plastic free – you can read all about that here. Things like lentils needed a thicker bottomed pot.

Overall this kitchen set was an amazing and handy collapsible set that meant we could take it with us on the kayaks, no problem.

I would say that this camp cookware is something we will use anytime we go camping to avoid bringing the whole kitchen with us.

Check it out.