A Land Loving Mission

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When you get to a point.

It’s beyond itchy feet.

It’s a bodily urge – that says – go – get away.

We both had it, Maybe me more than Base, but his arm didn’t have to be twisted too hard.

Base was working as a Geologist doing exploration in the bush ( lots of time away).  I had just spent a year running my own business ( distributing an ethical clothing label in WA, lots of hard work ), I was also doing contract work for The Wilderness Society. We had both done a stint of working hard,  but the cost was we lost a bit of what makes us tick… Salt and Adventure.


So we bought a Landcruiser -called Troopie, we built a bed in the back, packed her up, brought the zodiac and numerous surfboards and hit the road. We crossed the state and aimed to follow the Western Australian Coast starting from the South Eastern border.

The trip started with in The Great Western Woodlands, where I was organizing an artists retreat to raise awareness of this magnificent area. It is the largest intact temperate woodlands in the world and it is under threat. But it’s beauty speaks for itself, want to know more head here Wilderness Society WA – GWW.

After the woods, the salt was calling us and we had to follow.  We started East of Esperance and visited every bay, inlet, nook and cranny along the coast. We looked for spots to surf, fish, camp and really get away from it all. A place to breathe the fresh southern air.

P1000228 - Copy5 months took us from Cape arid east of Esperance to the Margret River Region then north up to the coral coast to Gnaraloo and back to Perth, not nearly enough time, but it got the pallet wet. Surfing, road tripping, camping, living in close quarters ( without killing each other)… we got back to what was important.

A wedding invitation in Indonesia, took us from our cozy troopie home on-wards, to get some tropical waves under our belts.


A few of our favorites:dolph

waterfall karijini

jv dog     falcon

surf base


                        Life as it should be…..


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