A Salty Voyage Journal

Hey there,

Thanks for checking out our Salty Voyage along Ningaloo Reef.

We want to share each step of the way and why we started this whole voyage.

Check out our journal entries below and follow along as we explore, learn, share and do what we can to take care of our ocean and reefs.


How and why we started on this voyage


We have taken our time off to give back to our oceans.

Find out why we decided to do a kayak citizen science voyage

And learn more about what we hope to accomplish…

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Planning a Kayak Voyage Single Use Plastic Free

Walk the Talk.

We don’t want Plastic in our oceans.

We want to be the solution and not part of the problem.

Our Goal was a low waste, plastic-free adventure.

Find out how we are making this possible during a 6-week Kayak adventure.

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Meet the Salty Team and our Supporters


This expedition isn’t a two person job!

We needed a Salty Team and some epic Support to make it happen

Meet the team and learn about who backed this citizen science adventure.

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We’ve Set Off!


Packed, Loaded and as Ready as We Can Be!

We’ve hit the road…

Find out how we started the trip with a bang!

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Arriving at Red Bluff


Swell was pumping

Moon was full

The launch was close…

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