Back in West Aus…Now What?

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As soon as we landed back in Perth, the tropics felt so far away, and they were.

We also arrived back at the start of winter… not a good idea.

The plan was – Base jumps (haha – can’t resist that double entendre) straight back into work. He was with the same company, but in a new role as ‘Hydrogeologist’ (groundwater geologist). And me? I started job hunting.

A year and a half overseas, coming home and back to  reality was a shock to the system.

So to keep our hopes and dreams alive we started browsing the web for boats to sail away on. We looked in the Caribbean, The States, and Panama. Everything we saw in Australia was  so much pricier ( and out of our range for us).

The thought of a 35ft (or 40ft) vessel to call home and take to far away islands… made life in Perth have a bit more direction.

I headed to Gremlin often (our 24ft Endeavour). We sailed her when we got back, but I think she knew we were looking at other boats and let herself go a bit. She needed a coat of paint and a lot of TLC.

It was one day at the Yacht club when I took a break from sanding Gremlin, that I saw an ad on the notice board for a 36ft Henry Morgan (like the pirate) Ketch ( two masts). She looked beautiful in the ad with all of her sails up. I grabbed the number and website and told Base.

She seemed amazing, but surely out of our price range.  We made an appointment to go and see her. I was trying to keep my expectations low, plus I was still job-less , so boat buying was in the dream stage only for me ( I think Base was a bit further along).


Jamie and Base

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