camping sink

Rough camping is what Base and I mostly do, especially when we are kayaking. No camp kitchens here.

One of the best items we had along our 6-week kayak mission (read more about that trip here) was this Collapsable Sink.

We often didn’t have space for extra water, so we would use it to gather some sea water and then wash our dishes in that. Whenever we could get some fresh water it was perfect for collecting it. This collapsible sink was such a useful camping item that we didn’t even know we were missing.

A tub is what we used to use, but if you are hiking or kayaking then taking a tub for dishes isn’t practical. This was. It came in handy so often. When we were ready to get back on the kayaks we could just fold it up and put it back in the tiny bag it lives in.

What was amazing about this is that it could hold a lot of water 10L to be exact. And it didn’t leak at all!

Easy to wash out and hang to dry. Truly a rough camping necessity! Check it out here