Citizen Science For Our Oceans – How and Why?

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Taking on citizen science projects for our Oceans has been a massive learning curve so far.

We have been researching and seeking out ways that we can do something for our Oceans as we sail up the West Australia Coast over the next 7 months.  This has opened up some amazing opportunities and connections as well as made me more aware about the amazing power behind Citizen Science.

We chose Citizen Science as a way to do something about a massive issue we care so much about – The Health of our Oceans.

We know the issues facing our Oceans, but it feels like the issues in our Oceans are easy to disconnect from. We can just go on with our surfing, sailing, diving and Salty life and pretend that everything is fine. So many of us are doing that.

We don’t want to stick our head in the sand, we want to do something.

By taking on these citizen science projects we will be seeing first hand what’s happening when we trawl or survey for microplastics, phytoplankton, monitoring marine mammals and doing reef health checks. Not only that we will be actively promoting solutions to the issues facing our Oceans.

We will be sharing how to live with less plastic, how to make a difference for our Oceans yourself and bigger solutions like getting a 10 cent container refund on plastic bottles and innovative  ideas like this one:

We are on a mission to spread a positive message for our Oceans and we aren’t alone. We are working with some amazing people and organizations because working together makes much more sense than working alone.

Sea Shepherd’s Marine Debris Team is our newest partner, we are super excited to be working with them to help Defend, Conserve, and Protect our Oceans.



Keeping plastics out of our Oceans is key to keeping our Oceans healthy and vibrant!

We set sail in 3 weeks time and we are still raising some funding to help us get scientific gear for our projects. Every little bit helps, and we have a few thank you gifts if you are able to donate like some ropework, or a natural treasure we find along our way. Click here to Donate!


Help Us Get Proper Citizen Science Gear!

Follow our journey here, on Facebook and on Instagram, we also have a newsletter ( Sign up Here) that we will be sending it out as internet connection allows.


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