Giving Back to the Big Salty Blue

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Sailing to Indonesia is a dream come true. But for a long time I have felt that this trip is a very personal pursuit, even  selfish.

I (Jamie) am an environmentalist… A Tree hugger of sorts. I want to hit the end of my days and look back thinking I did whatever I could to help protect and conserve this beautiful planet, for its own sake and for future generations.

I run a Eco-living education website ( to inspire and educate others on easy actions we can each be taking to live lighter. I personally strive to live as lightly on the planet as I can, including low waste, as plastic free as possible, low carbon, all natural and health conscious.

This is why sailing fits in so well with my ethos and values. A simple life propelled by the wind, powered by the sun, and connected to nature.

With the opportunity to sail the West Australian coast up to Indonesia seemed like the perfect chance to dive deeper into our love and passion for the ocean and the environmental impacts it’s facing.

We have been researching and seeking out as many ways as possible to collect citizen science and feed it back to scientists doing extremely important marine research.

We also know that so much of what’s happening to the ocean is impacted by human actions. That’s why we have teamed up with some great organisations to help raise awareness about the role we all play in taking greater care of our oceans and how our daily habits are affecting the health of the big salty blue.

One of the main areas we are extremely concerned about is the fact that recent research estimates that there are more than 5 trillion pieces of plastic in our ocean and there are an ever-growing number of reports showing the negative impacts of plastics on our marine ecosystems. So one way we can be making an impact on this is reducing the amount of throw away plastic that we use. Below are two amazing organisations both working on this issue.

Here are the amazing organizations we have teamed up with:

Surfrider Australia


We are ambassadors for the Rise Above Plastics Campaign. As surfers, we spend so much time in the ocean and we sea first hand the amount of plastic and rubbish in the water. We are keen to share lots of ways to reduce your single use plastic and take a stand against one of the  biggest environmental plagues facing our oceans currently – plastic pollution.

Two Hands Project


We all have two hands and every time we come across litter we can do what we can to clean up and prevent rubbish from spreading further into our environment, especially into the ocean. If you have two hands and a few a
spare moments then join the two hands movement! Check out their site, philosophy and get on board and share a photo from your latest rubbish collection.


We are super excited to be partnering with these organizations to share what we find as we sail and explore up the coast, and also share all the ways we can be doing more to take care of our oceans and the importance of using less single use plastic in our lives.

Up next we will be sharing about the exciting citizen science projects we are taking on as we sail!



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