Ethique Beauty Bars

Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash… it’s all packaged in plastic and we use these products. Even though we may have been led to believe that plastic gets recycled, the truth is, only a small percentage of it does. Much of it gets sent overseas and we don’t know what happens to our recycling once it leaves Australia. Also, countries like China and Malaysia have said they will no longer take our recycling. Which means more plastic going to landfill since we have no plastic reprocessing facilities in Western Australia and very few in Australia as a whole.

Going without the shampoo, may not be an ideal choice…but going without the bottle is.


Finding and testing shampoo and conditioner bars has been a little passion of mine over the last couple of years, to find ones that I love. There are more and more companies out there making concentrated body product bars, but the one we really love is Ethique Beauty.

Their Shampoo and Conditioner Bars work really well and they are amazing being All Natural, Palm Oil Free, Vegan and Sustainable. Plus they Last, and did I mention they really work!

We use this shampoo bar – St Clement for Oily Hair



It lathers nicely and doesn’t leave a residue in my hair like others, and really suits my hair type ( oily roots and dry ends).


The trick to making these Shampoo Bars last longer is to let them dry out. I use a little wooden soap rack and it works great to be able to let them air dry and stay out of moisture in between uses.



The conditioner bar we use is Ethique Wonderbar Conditioner Bar for Oily to Normal Hair (60g)


This took a little bit longer for me to get used to. It doesn’t lather up as well, but if I rub it into the dry salty ends of my hair it leaves them feeling softer and moisturized.




Body Butter Bar  – Coconut and Lime



We usually use coconut oil as a body moisturizer, but this lotion bar was so good and smelled amazing, I actually had to hide it from Base, so he didn’t use it all.

Just rub it into your skin, and you don’t need very much for it to go the distance, leaving your skin feels soft and supple!






What is absolutely amazing is that Ethnique has prevented 1 million plastic bottles from being used. Their packaging comes in cardboard making it biodegradable and even when it arrived it used paper as a stuffing, not those Styrofoam beads.

When you find a business you love, with products that help you live with less plastic, it’s a total win.


Ethique has helped us out with trialing a few of their products and we really appreciate them getting behind Salty Times. For every $ we save, it means we can keep working on projects like:

A Salty Voyage Ningaloo Reef

Citizen Science for our Oceans

And some other fun projects in the works.






Check out Ethique Here: