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We have been working long hours aiming to get the boat ready to go. Since we are on the West Coast of Australia, there is a time frame for when you should sail North. The Cyclones from the North are generally over by April and there are “usually” no big fronts (storms) from the South during this time. This makes April the month to set sail.

We were always aiming to have the boat ready by the beginning of April so we could wait for nice winds and head off.

It’s April 6th and we aren’t really anywhere near close to being ready.

“Life doesn’t always happen as planned”


‘Lady C’ is in great condition. She gets a commercial survey and license every year and always passes it with no trouble. So safety wise she is a boat ready to go. It’s the comfort of being able to live on her for months that has us concerned.

We have had a couple set backs with things we thought would be simple ending up being a lot more time consuming and difficult than originally thought.  Here is the overview of what we need to get done before we go:


Solar Panels set up to provide our daily power and ensure our batteries start our engine when needed.


Chartplotter, GPS – got it – need to install it.


Pilot books

Passage plans


Liferaft – bought second hand and got serviced – DONE

Safety Harnesses and Safety lines in place

New anchor – we upgraded our  16kg CQR anchor for 16kg Delta – DONE

Bringing lines back to the cockpit

Bigger Winches


Determining how much water we can store and getting additional storage ( we ditched getting a water maker on this trip)


Setting up a Bimini at the back of the boat so we can mount our solar panels on it.

Creating a shade shelter for the cockpit, when under sail.


Sourcing a self steering windvane – figuring out which type and if we can get one second hand.


Cockpit cushions

Spray shields for the cockpit

Settee table redone before leaving

Opening portlights for the boat

Tender fixes and outboard serviced

Needed goods

Dry bags, wet weather gear, fishing gear, surfboards selected for trip!,


Sourcing all natural cleaning and body products for 8 months

making dehydrated meals

Getting dry goods sorted.


This skims of the surface of the jobs we need to get done in the next 3 weeks.


IMG_0173Saltytimes getting ready

We have lots to do, but lots of things are already in place to making it all happen.

Besides that we need to pack up the house we have rented for the last 3 years, sell off goods and only keep what is really important to us and find a place to store our car.

It’s tiring even writing this out!




We can and will do it!

Here’s to making the dream a reality!


Jamie and Base

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