It’s been a whirlwind!

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Well life has progressed at full speed and getting blog posts up has been put to the way side. But it’s fun to be back!

Big things are on the move in our salty world, before we get into our next salty mission, here’s a recap from the last while:

Jamie has been running her own non-profit and a social enterprise business over the last 2.5 years. It’s all about sustainability for her. Freo Green Guide is the nonprofit Eco community guide for where we live showcasing sustainable business, events and community groups. Her business is The Green Scene: sustainability consulting where she helps businesses and communities make sustainability more practical and tangible. But Jamie’s real passion and where her Eco enterprise is now focused is around inspiring people to live full amazing lives that are lighter on the planet! She shares all about that over on


Jamie Van Jones

I (Base) have been working as a Hydrogeologist for the last 3 years, have been learning a lot and diving deep into the world of underground water, as well as paying off lady C and saving for our next adventure. It’s been all encompassing, but the learning has been huge and I hope to be able to use it down the track in community water management.

A year ago on Valentine’s Day I asked Jamie to marry me! She of course said yes, as she had been waiting for a few years for me to pop the question!


With the excitement of being engaged and wedding on the horizon, sailing was put slightly on the back burner. We had to make a trip to Canada to visit Jamie’s family and have a mini engagement/sudo wedding ceremony over there.

When you fly to the other side of the world, it’s worth making a few stops on the way. Hawaii, Vancouver, Maritime Canada, Iceland and Tasmania made the trip “back home” into a salty surf mission! Yes we surfed in every place we visited.

Surfing hawaii10593028_373136439518493_3805508051695360082_n

Wedding planning took up the last 6 months of Jamie’s time. I of course helped out, but she really put the yards in.

On Feb 28th 2015, we had the most salty, magical Eco wedding! It was beachside in a place we both love “Gracetown”, Margaret River. Then  a barn party on a permaculture farm. It was an amazing day and nothing could have been more perfect.

beach weddingpartytime

surf couple


So that was a month ago…since then we have moved full steam into boat prep world!


Check out our next post to see what adventures lay before us and what we are up to now!


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