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Check this out: – the best collection of surf culture on the web

Ring of Fire a 1970-80’s Doco by two epic adventurers through Indonesia

Wonder how people have the money to go sailing – Well so has Teddy – check out the Sail Loot Podcast!  Here is our interview.


Total Inspiration –  Liz Clark on her vessel Swell as she solo-sails, surfs and searches for the greater meaning in life. – How we see the rest of our lives panning out is a lot like this site…

 Taking Care of the Planet

Check out Jamie’s site all about ways to live lighter with ease! and her 6 week e-course covering easy eco living from a to z!

Sea Shepherd are the guardians of global marine life and with they Marine Debris Team and now looking after the entire health of our oceans! We are proudly apart of the Sea Shepherd Global Marine Debris Team as we sail North

Australia’s Surfrider Foundation: They have a great campaign about how we can Rise above plastics!

Two Hands Project : Got two hands and thirty minutes? Clean up your world – anytime, anywhere.