Keeping the Salty Life Going

We Chose the Salty Life and have committed to it wholeheartedly. But now we need to keep it going. This comes with its challenges.

We got married, sold up our belongings, sold our car and moved on to our sailboat… our tiny floating home. That was three years ago now.

From making money to doing good to keeping our marriage solid, this is a bit about how we keep this salty existence going. We are glass half full type people and we are dreamers, but we want to share some of the realities too.

We hope you can get inspired to take on your own salty adventure or citizen science project for our planet by following along how we keep this salty lifestyle afloat.


Living life on a salty budget

We choose experiences over things.

We have learned to live lightly and simply

We save money and put it towards Adventures.

Find out a bit more about the cheap floating life.

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Keeping the flame going

Marriage in a tiny space has its challenges

We live in a 20-foot cabin.

We work together.

We adventure together.

We aren’t really ever apart.

Find out how we don’t kill each other!!!

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What I miss about Land

Beautiful anchorages, Stunning beaches…

What dreams are made of.

How about no hot water, tiny spaces and

feeling like you live in a washing machine?

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows when it comes to boat life.

I’ll try to give you a balanced view of the pros and cons of living in a tiny floating home.

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 A Wild Adventure

What can stop cruisers from sailing?

Well getting paid to go on adventures can.

Here is a tale of one of the best wildlife experiences in the world.

Orangutans in the wild jungle of Kalimantan.

Find out how we found ourselves guiding to see wild Orangutans and why more than ever these amazing creatures need our help.

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  Offsetting our Flight Travel

We have been traveling around the world for work.

It’s a dream job.

It means we fly a lot and the Green Guilt from this is huge.

We didn’t think Offsetting was the answer, but…

With more research, we found a great way to offset.

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