Our Dream

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The Desire ->

freedom, simplicity, adventure, exploration, together in nature, simple living, peace, joy, passion, oceanic love, living life to the fullest, making waves.

Being one and connected to our earth. Respect for Mother Nature and Mother ocean. Re-establishing the need to care more for our planet.

A move away from stress, hassle, bills, taxes,  Towards -> wind, water, waves, the sense of freedom.

Outside the normal 9 to 5, 3 week holiday… we seek a different existence, a different path, one that is windy and has many bumps, that is not straight and narrow.  One we can take to the far corners of the planet.

We aim to cruise... but we also aim to live, learn, love, explore, document, report, and leave a positive impact where ever we go.

Reaching for the stars and slowly but surely working our ways towards them.


Jamie and Base

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