Panama Surfing

Location: Panama

Duration of visit: 1 Month

Time of the year: February

The Salty Times Rating Scale:
Each score is out of 20 for a total out of 100.
 20= all time, 1= not so good.
Hammock time Panama
Adventure: 15/20
Jungle hikes and boat rides to remote islands were a few of the adventures, but the biggest one was that we nearly bought a sail boat in Panama. It fell through at the last mintue, and probly for the best… It was 65 ft,  a bit more than I think we were ready for.
surf walk panama
Surf: 12/20
We were there during the right season, and there was a diversity of waves. Some of the breaks were outta Jamie’s league, but Base got some sick surfs. From Points, to barreling beachies, there was a good mix on the Carribbean coast. On the Pacific side we had a good hunt for waves, we’ll leave that one up to you to discover.
Nature: 15/20
Amazing islands, jungle, beautiful beaches. Panama had sloths, amazing bird life, and monkeys. We frothed pretty hard on the wildlife and nature around us.  The islands were like an aquatic world, and it was pretty amazing using boats as the main form of transport to get around. It was a gorgeous country to explore. We only got to do a bit of the north, lots more to go back and explore.
boat world
Food: 15/20
Oh man, put rotisserie chicken in front of Base and you need to get out of the way. The man ate so many whole chickens with hot sauce during our stay. There was beautiful fruits and lots of seafood, but the chilli sauce and local coconut oil were the top flavors.
People and Culture: 15/20
There is an awesome mix of cultures in Panama. With Caribbean, Spanish, Asian and Indigenous cultures it makes for a fun eclectic mix. We loved the music, the vibe, the culture of all these nationalities mixing together. Bocas Del Toro was fun and pretty touristy, but we met some great people while we were here. We especially loved the Creole influence. The chilli, the music, the laid back vibes…everything you want in Island Vibes.
Total: 72/100
** this rating scale is based on our perspective and experiences when we travel! it is in no way indicative of the overall country or place we visit, Just our opinions about our travels there. We also scale things pretty difficult as there is always going to be something else down the track that might blow our minds and get a full 20/20!