Rhythm of The Ocean

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When you’re in the flow, everything feels good. When your not, it feels like swimming against a strong current – a struggle.

Following you passions in life creates flow. When you do things that fuel you, light you up and push you forwards you get in good rythym with life.

For me, this is how I feel when I spend time in and on the ocean.

underwater buddha

When I am connected with the Ocean, everything in my life clicks. I find that opportunities open up, I meet amazing people who I connect with, and above all I have a renewed confidence in all aspects of my life.

For the past few years, I had fallen out of rythm with life and with the ocean. Sure I was getting a surf  or a sail in here or there, but often times I wasn’t.

Work had taken me in land for long periods of time, and it was always a blessing to return to the coast and get back to the salty blue. It was those timesthat I would get the sense that I needed the Ocean in my life more than what was happening. I wasn’t in Rythm with it.

My focus was on a long term goal ( which was needed), but in the process, I was well and truly off course. Big swells would roll in and as a surfer, I wasn’t making the most of it.  Even with sailing, any challenging conditions and I would second guess myself and my abilities.  With my head and heart out of the Salty life, I lost perspective, clarity and confidence.


The long term goal Jamie and I were working towards was to permanently be connected to the ocean and living a salty life. What I realised as I quit my job to focus soley on surfing and sailing is that it takes time to reconnect with the Ocean , to be in a rythm with it and feel as though you are in sync.

The start of this year we were solidly working to set sail. Planning to be on the water for 8 months to a year. Juggling fulltime work, a wedding and boat preparations stretched me and it was the opposite of feeling in flow with it all. Our Sea Trials on the boat happened later than we wanted and we had a load of new gear to test out. When we did get out there we were thumped by weather, which made us reconsider our preparations and whether we were ready to go.

Winter set in on us and we had to change plans, but as I look back now after two months of solid surfing in Indonesia, I know we made the right decision to delay for a year.

31 AUG 0855

With each passing day in Indo, I felt myself find the rhythm again. As each solid swell rolled through, I felt more and more confident in reading the ocean.  Hanging out with surfing mates which live a salty exsistence, I was pushed and inspired to step out my comfort zone, go harder and be challenged.

If I wasn’t surfing, I was simming, diving, or stuyding for my Yachtmaster qualifications. It was two months of dedicated saltiness and it brought me back to a place of health, fitness and absolute clarity.


I need the Ocean everyday.

It’s such a huge part of who I am. It teaches me, humbles me and all in it fuels me.

We are now back on the boat and I feel in the flow. We have a summer of sailing charters in front of us and then our voyage preparations for leaving in April (post Cyclone season)

Bit by bit we are creating the life of our dreams, in rhythm and as salty as we can be.



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    Love reading your blog 😀😀

    • saltytimes April 5, 2016 - 10:37 am Reply

      Thanks Barb, we are glad you like it and we can’t wait to keep sharing and have more time to write while we are at sea!

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