Sailing Adventures on 24ft!

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She may have been only 24 feet long, but she was definitely still capable of adventure.  We first had to learn to lower her mast to get under the bridges ( no easy task!). Once we managed that the world was our oyster and ocean sailing was on the cards. First port of call – Rottnest Island about 10 nm off the coast, but when you get there it feels like you could be on a tropical island far far away.

Try sleeping within 24ft of these salty dogs!

Try sleeping within 24ft of these salty dogs!

The first couple trips over to Rotto, we kept them short, but packed. We  have slept 4 aboard for a weekend away, and it was well let’s just say cozy.

But after having a full ship, sleeping with just two of us on board felt like luxury. Base and I spent three weeks at Rotto on board Gremlin. It was my first taste at boat/island life.

It kind of felt like living in a car, with water all around you. But really we spent most time on the deck, in the water, or going surfing. Cooking took a bit of creativity with limited space and no refrigeration ( we had an esky with some ice, it lasted a little bit). We could get to the shops to refresh every couple of days, and just had lots of dry foods, and some fish if we were lucky to snag a few herring.

Another amazing trip we did was sailing from Perth to Dunsborough ( 100nm South) , it was  a taste of coastal sailing, and I loved it. It took 3 days and we had nightly stops along the way. The first two days of sailing were a bit rough, 25 knots of wind head on and 2m  swell. Gremlin handled well and we suited up in wet-suits to stay warm and not worry about getting wet ( I think I will remember this trick for other wet sailing trips!). The one thing that was challenging was we all had to be in the cockpit and were on a close haul ( causing the boat to really lean), this meant you had to brace yourself. It was tiring and I wasn’t really used to it, so curling up on the cockpit for a bit provided some relief. 

All in All adventuring on gremlin wet the taste buds and really gave us time to dream and get excited about bigger trips and hopefully a bigger boat.

jamie and toby sailing  indian ocean  reading on deck



sailing adventure awaits                Rotto



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