Sea to Summit Dry Bags

6 weeks in Kayaks is the definition of wet.

We were always wet. Our gear needed to stay dry and we relied on these dry bags to see us through. We used the Sea to Summit dry bags to pack camping gear, electronics, clothes, and even navigation charts.

We got plenty of time to test them as we traveled the length of Ningaloo Reef. Some days were calm, and others were intense. Waves over the bow, wearing wetsuits for hours on end. Our Dry bags lived on the trampolines of the kayak, or inside the kayak ( which only stayed dry on the nicest of days).


Every night when we pulled in to set up camp it was such a sweet feeling to have dry clothes, a torch that worked, and a phone that could still play music. Thank god. Because we were all wet to the bone at end of the day and relying on these dry bags to keep our gear dry made the trip that much easier.


We used a few different types of  Sea to Summits dry bags and each one we labeled with what was inside. But they do have these great ones with clear windows so you can see inside them. Also, the map dry bag and phone dry bags are brilliant at being able to still use your device or map while underway.



We used the Lightweight dry bags for inside the kayak, still durable but we chose the lighter ones for things inside for a bit more protection. For a few of the dry bags we kept them on the trampolines for these we used the Big River Dry Bags. They have roll down tops and buckles to keep them in place. Durable fabric means we didn’t have to worry about them tearing on us. They were rugged.

Overall these Dry Bags from Sea to Summit were so essential to our adventure along Ningaloo Reef. Now we use them all the time while sailing, kayaking, doing diving…. Pretty much anytime we get Salty. They get the Salty Times tick of approval!