Seaside Stopover

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The little cray fishing town of Port Denison has been a pleasant little stop over. We came here to hide from a big front and when that one passed we had to wait for another one.

Port Denison Western Australia

We got to stay on a local mooring of a cray fishing boat while the storms came through and it felt so satisfying to be safe and secure just out of reach of the storm. It was pretty Rocky and Rolly and we couldn’t leave the boat to go ashore for around 36 hours. Haha. The real meaning of cabin fever set in.

Cups of tea, cards,  and making elaborate meals with our fresh provisions occupied us. When we got bored a few dance parties ensued. cabin fever

We made it through and got a beautiful day with no wind the following day. The swell was big and the post storm beaches we’re something to be admired.


We did a quick clean of the massive amount of plastics washed up on the local beach. It was more plastic than you could imagine in one tiny stretch. We also did a marine debris survey of the beach south of town. ( check out our next post to find out more).

Surfing, a walk into town, and a hot shower at the caravan park left us feeling pretty great.

surfing with the locals

Base on a small one, with local grommie paddling out.

We have restocked fresh food, and now just need to fill our water tanks and we are ready to keep moving on.We are both glad to get to know this little bit of coast a bit better.

But Now to keep hopping our way North – Off to Abrolhos next!

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