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We have done it!

Southern Cross Sailing is now taking bookings! Base has completed his Offshore Yachtmaster, and we have just renewed Charade’s commercial survey. I have done the website… which I must say I feel pretty proud of ( *cough ‘ Self taught’ cough*).

 Southern Cross Sailing

We are doing a variety of things over the next couple months, the main aim is that we want to show people an amazing experience sailing.  We have  – Twilights, Day Sails, Overnights, Learn to Sail and Custom Tours.

Sailing has become our life – entirely! Being able to take people out, teach them a bit about sailing and give them taste of what its like, is pretty much the best job in the world. We aren’t planning to make big bucks, just enought to keep the dream alive and our departure date in April/May.

I have been working as a VA – Virutal Assistant for the last 5 months – (marketing, social media, websites, and whole range of other online skills! – need some help shoot me an email) and then part-time setting up my eco-living brand with more ebooks, and online courses.

We live on a budget and do whatever we can to save money –  I will save that for another blog.

IMG_1719.JPG           working sailor

We have a few major tasks to accomplish before we head off up North. We got some opening portlights (windows) for the tropics, installing those is sure to be fun ( if you can’t feel the sarcasm in that comment, then you don’t know boats enough). The todo lists from last April are starting to come out again.

We have been loving it. Base and I haven’t spent this much time together since we did 6 months in a Car together. Living in a tight space with a significant other is  also worthy of it’s own blog. It  has it’s ups and downs.  Arguments happen and get resolved pretty quick, because where are you going to get away from it ? You only have 3 feet away from each other.



So that is a bit of an update of where we are at. Be sure to check out the new website and if you’re in West Oz, get your mates together and lets go for a sail.

Until another burst of inspired blog writing  – Stay Salty!




ps. We are hoping to do some more funnyish videos soon ( I think they are funny to us mostly).

pps. We post regularly on Facebook and Instagram so check us out on those for pics and updates.


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