Staying Salty in Indonesia

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As we flew  to Indonesia, it felt like our plans had taken an unexpected turn.

Winter on the boat in the harbour wasn’t the easiest, and we were both needing to pick ourselves up and move on from our sailing voyage being postponed and all of our surfboards and camera were stolen. The tropics and a surfing trip seemed to be the ideal solution.
Since our sailing departure date is now next year, we have had to recalculate reaching our dream and put it just a bit out of reach. This means 8 months of living cheaply, working to save money and sailing as much as we can in the meantime.

We bought our boat Charade with a commercial license, so we can take people on charters. We have both thought of how unreal a job it would be to take people out sailing and giving them a taste of what the cruising life is all about. But with winter, it wasn’t the ideal time to start charters. To pass winter and get ourselves geared up for the sailing charter season ahead, we headed to Indonesia to bide our time and stay salty.
Our time in Indo, isn’t as you would expect a holiday to be, we are both dedicating a portion of time to sitting at a desk and being on a computer ( not on Facebook or Instagram). I (Jamie)  am working doing online marketing and website work for clients and Base studying his Yachtmaster.FullSizeRender (1)                                       Work time  and Playtime


Of course getting salty has been a priority and chasing waves a necessity. We have been to Java, South Sumatra, Nusa Lembongan and various parts of Bali.

Base solo


It’s been a fine balance between doing what we love, and working towards a bigger goal and our dream. I can’t tell you the number of times, I have sat with a laptop overlooking the surf, just wishing I could be out there getting salty. I’m not aiming for sympathy at all, it’s just that we have had to give up times to focus on what we truly want. Pursuing the dream comes at a cost.
We have been living cheaply, for as low as $40 a day between us ( sometimes up to $70). Compared with living costs in WA we are saving money. With my marketing work we are able to cover our costs and not dip into our sailing kitty. Win Win.


With Surfing, Diving, Snorkelling, Exploring, and Chasing Waves there has been enough to keep us salty and wondering if the sailing goal is maybe a bit on the hard side. We could just move to Indo to live.

Jvlongboard3   Base Underwater

But… when we paddle out to a lineup with far too many people for the number of waves coming through… the sailing dream, (reaching hard to get to empty waves) is at the forefront of our minds.
It’s about taking a path less travelled…. Yes it’s a harder one, but the perks are plentiful.
So we aren’t just surfing our sailing dream away… we are keeping it going.

We are starting our sailing business at the beginning of November. So if you are in West Australia, then let us know and come out for sail, either have a drink or pull some lines and learn to sail. Either way come and get salty with us.

Our new website,  all about our sailing charters, will be live shortly:

We also have a couple plans for Saltytimes T-shirts and Hats which will be up on the site soon too!
Thanks for following our journey! ( as sporadic and unexpected as it may be!)

Jamie and Base

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