Surfing in Indo

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Big hopes and dreams were shaping as we prepared for the Indo lag of our year off.

Base bought a new board for his 30th – a 6’10, Jim Banks. I was hoping for fun shoulder high waves and not getting reef cuts.

We planned for a month of travel before attending Adam and Haley’s wedding in Bali. Headed east, back packs on, and surfboards in tow, we were ready. Nothing like the excitement and anticipation of tropical unknown waves. After central America, India, Bangladesh and Mexico – travelling in Indonesia was pretty easy. Nothing too challenging. Mostly just a new exciting place with friendly people.

start of the trip- Indo

We headed to Lombok, and after two days getting our bearings, a couple small surfs under our belts, we rented a motorbike to head further afield in search of waves. What happened next really changed everything for us, and put us on a very different path.

We had an accident on the motor bike… heading up a gravel hill and an unexpected car turning the bend toward us. It really all happened in slow motion. I tumbled off the back and Base tipped over with the weight of the bike and surfboard landing on his knee.laid out

It seemed like it was only fields all around, then all of a sudden Indonesians from every side emerged from the fields. Very helpful and checking if we are Ok. Base was on the ground with what looked like a 100 year old Indonesian man massaging and manipulating his knee. Base stood up and said he was ‘OK’, but putting pressure on that leg, it collapsed.

We hoped it was sprain, but after two days in bed with ice on it, we knew it was much worse. Still being determined to recover, Base and I headed to the Gilli islands to  recuperate.

Travelling in Indo with four surfboards and two back packs and an invalid was more than challenging. Base’s knee started to feel better, we got him a nice wooden cane, and then went to some spots that  we wouldn’t have gone to otherwise.

We went to Ubud ( where Base dished up all the Eat,Pray, Love jokes you can imagine).  We then headed up the west coast to Medawii where I got a few good surfs in.


As much as I felt for Base and all the chilling he was doing, it was nice being able to surf mellow spots with my surf photographer on the shore ( a once in a life time experience really!).

We waited until the wedding of our friends happened, and decided Base would get his knee checked out back in Australia.

indo jv base

So what was set to be a big challenging surf trip turned into a mellow trip around Indo.  It was still nice, but we knew there more to unfold with Base’s knee injury once we got home.

To be continued…

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