The Dream

Salty Times

Salty Times is about following our dreams. To explore, sail, surf and give back to our Oceans.

We want to live this lifestyle without causing more harm to the planet. We plan on using the wind to take us places.

Living Simply and Living Sustainably is a huge part of our dream.

We met 9 years ago and the dream took form then.

We spent many summers nights floating on our first boat in the Swan River, (Perth, Western Australia) talking of a bigger boat that could take us further afield…to those tropical islands and remote anchorages that were dancing in our dreams.

After planning, saving, prepping, getting experience under our belts we set sail. Our dreams came true and we are still living them out each and every day. Our first season of sailing was 7 months up and back down the West Australian Coast on our  vessel Charade aka Lady C.  We took our time and savored every moment of living out our dream. We came back to Fremantle, Western Australia for the Cyclone Season in the North and we plan to head North again next year. In the mean time we share our love of sailing with others through our Sailing Charter Business

The travel and explore feeds one part of our dream…but there is more we want to do.

The state of the world is not all sunshine and glass offs. We know how many issues face our planet and the people on it. To go sailing  just for our own pleasure didn’t satisfy our need to do more for our planet and humanity

The more we learn about  Global Ocean Health the more we know that we need to act and do more to Conserve and Protect our Oceans. We as humans rely heavily on the health of our oceans to support our life on land. Besides that we get so much from this Blue planet of ours we want our great grand children to experience the abundance and magic of the Oceans just as we get to.

To often the ocean is see as a vast and endless source that is either something people take from or dump waste into. Our Oceans are all connected and they are not endless. The health of our Oceans needs our help.

We have been taking on self funded Citizen Science Projects for our Oceans as we sail. Micro Plastics and Marine Debris Surveys, Marine mammal monitoring, measuring phytoplankton populations  as well as reef health checks along the way. Check out our Citizen Science Report here.

We know that above all else Climate Change is the greatest challenge and threat to our planet and especially to our Oceans.  We live as simply as possible. We live off-grid, travel by the wind, avoid using fossil fuels, reduce our consumption, buy second hand and above all else take pleasure in the simple things in life. We also love to inspire others to live out their dreams and do it in a way that benefits our planet. Check out our instagram account for some salty simplicity inspiration

Plastic Free Living is something we strive towards ( some days we win and other days we don’t), we have lots of ways to cut single use plastic out of your life and Jamie is especially passionate about keeping a Green Boat and living as eco as possible ( she runs an  online course called A Blissful Eco Life – check it out!)

The more time we spend at sea, the more we are inspired to act and inspire others to take action too. We are passionate about educating about Ocean Health and how we can all be Ocean Warriors each and every day ( Stay tuned  and watch this space as we have some exciting projects to come!)

We live a life we absolutely love, fueled by passion and are grateful for every single aspect of it.

We are always open to  hearing from like minded salty souls, so feel free to get in touch… and if you share the same passions and have an idea of how we can collaborate let us know!!

Until next time, Stay Salty


Base and Jamie


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