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Living on a 32 foot boat means you really only keep things that are useful on board. You simplify and live with less. That is why when you find something you love you really cherish it. We are going to sharing about some of the things we really love and will be sharing them here over the next months!
This post is about a Bag… a nautical bag.
Sailor Bags
I’ve been using the Sailor Bag messenger satchel for the last couple weeks and it is one of those items that has been making life easier and eliminating my need for extra gear.
I’ve gone through a couple different bags in the last year and they haven’t stood the test of time and quality. What I love about this Sailor Bag is that it’s built strong. The straps have quality metal attachments and they are wide and sturdy. It’s made from sail material which means its not going to rip!
If you’re like me and you have a tendency to carry too much in your bag, then this bag is the best for holding its weight. ( Buried beneath the provisions in the picture below is my sailor bag, I take it everywhere now.)
IMG_5719 (1)
I am always getting on and off the boat and it can be a precarious feat. The last thing I want to worry about is stuff falling out of my bag… I did loose Base’s mobile phone out of my other purse while getting off the boat, a few months ago 🙁 .
Zips, pockets and magnets keep things in place on this bag, and it’s sail cloth material is tough and has a great nautical look.
The only down side with this bag is that the all white fabric gets dirty easily…but on the other hand it can be cleaned  with soap and water and comes out looking like new.
I love that my bag represents my lifestyle, its natuical, pratical, and all about being salty!
This bag is perfect for what I need. I never use plastic bags, so I carry what I buy in this  bag and it’s great for paperwork and all of my items for going ashore.  Feeling like I can have an allrounder purse that serves going to shore means my other purses have gone to second hand stores.
Check out the other great items that Sailor Bags offers Wine coolers, rope bags, duffel bags and more.
We have a few other things we love to share with you in coming posts.
Oh and Just to clarify, we write about things we love, and we do it because we actually love them. Sailor Bags hooked us up with this bag, but we have expressed our opinion about what the bag is like and are honest in our review.

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