Two Paths Diverge

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Back in Perth….The Doctor’s told Base he severed his ACL and surgery was on the cards. It called for a bit of an adjustment after months of travel and adventure. We figured it out. I worked two jobs ( weeding invasive species during the day and a fancy french restaurant at night). A three month process to get Base back to his feet  (hobbling) again.

I had wanted Base to come and see my home (Canada) and experience it for a bit. I had visions of us spending a year there working and eating pancakes with maple syrup most mornings (kidding).

chissy canada

We arrived in December and got to experience a white Christmas with my family in New Brunswick.

bj snow

Base recovered quickly and  he found some work in Labrador doing exploration (avg winter temperature -30). I ummed and ahhed and  then realised I couldn’t bear a year in the freezing cold. I had to look else where for work. It was a good move for his career so he went for it.

I applied for a few internships through the Canadian government to pursue the challenge and a dream of mine, of working in International Development. So while Base headed to the far north, I headed to the equator. I ended up working in Tanzania for 7 months. I worked on a Water and Sanitation Project in primary schools and I loved it, but it challenged me in more ways than I can put into words.

jv in the midst

So while Base was spotting moose, deer and bears in Labrador, I was experiencing East African wild life, lions, elephants and wildebeests.  It couldn’t be  more extreme.

a hard good bye

The time apart wasn’t worth it in my view. It tested and tried us. 7 months of long distance was made even more difficult with our remote conditions and not being able to communicate for weeks at time. What could have put a massive divide between us, ultimately in the end pushed us closer. Base came to Tanzania and  we got to travel, see the beautiful country that it is, and reconnect.


icey cold


tz wow

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