We Made a Hard Decision

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To say we are happy about the decision, isn’t necessarily the case.

Is it the right decision? Yes.

There is a satisfaction in that.

We chose sailing because it fills multiple needs.

  1. Being powered by the wind is best feeling in the world.
  2. In a world of uncertainty having a floating travelling home is a great option – rather than a massive mortgage.
  3. We want to live a simple eco life that has minimal impact on the planet.
  4. Travel, Adventure and Surfing.

Part of stepping into the cruising world is accepting that things don’t go fast, or as you plan. A hard lesson to learn at times.

We have spent the last three months working our butts off, learning as much as we can and outfitting our boat to be a self-sufficient home for an extended period of time. We haven’t been focussing on anything else. Base quit his job, my business has been on hold, it’s been all boat and nothing but boat.

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So after our trial sail, which you can read about here, and watching a swell of the decade roll through and then getting news of a sailboat sinking of the central West Australian coast… it was pretty much the universe holding a flashing neon sign saying ‘DON’T GO YET’.


When we heard about Jon Sanders, the worldly sailor who has 9 times circumnavigated our world losing a vessel off the coast that we were headed along, it made us realise an important lesson.

No matter how skilled and prepared we are.

The Ocean will always win!


The Ocean. We Bow down. 

So it took us the last couple weeks of watching the weather charts hoping for a good window of weather to leave on, but really we knew as the fronts keep building off of Antarctica there isn’t going to be a good time to go for a while.

April is when we wanted to be leaving (since from Dec to April is Cyclone Season).

So we have new plans. We are waiting for next April for our extended voyage to Indonesia.

We have some other plans in the pipes which include sailing as much as possible ( with a good dose of surfing in there too) and getting our sailing charter business ‘Southern Cross Sailing’ going over the next 6 months.

biz card

All in all we haven’t given up on the dream, we have just decided to be logical and make decisions for the long term goal rather than short term pride.

We’re sad, but it’s the thing to do. For now we are still living on the boat, spending as close to no money as we can. Keeping the dream Alive! It’s a journey that we are on, and a long one at that. So as we get the boat in tip top shape, head on a surfing mission (via jetplane) to Java, and many sailing missions to local islands we hope you’ll stay tuned.


Jamie and Base


  • Howard Gray July 4, 2015 - 9:12 pm Reply

    Bummer guys – but I am sure a visit to the 9-5 world will get you motivated again!
    I think the art of long-distance sailing, from watching others at it, is to not plan further than the next port of call, sneak your way along as weather permits, hole up where you need to and enjoy that spot while you wile away the time waiting for the favourable wind and sea. You will probably never find the weather window that will take you all the way. That’s the way it is with sailing!
    Keep us posted!
    Gero is a nice port in a storm!
    Stay loose!

    • saltytimes July 5, 2015 - 1:24 pm Reply

      Thanks Howard, it’s important for us to just go with the flow and follow our gut instinct with this one. But there won’t be 9 to 5 for us! Thank God! The sailing charter business and Jamie’s online business will keep us a float… as well as living on a tight budget! We can’t wait to sail North, but for now, Rottnest and local waters will keep us going!

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