Zeal Optics Review

We were looking for more sustainable sunglasses. The amount of time I have picked up sunglasses on the beach or parts of sunglasses was enough to make we realise they end up being another form of disposable plastics.

How many pairs of sunglasses have you gone through in the last 5 years? Living on a boat, I can count quite a few, the salt gets into the hinges and they break off, or I lose them, step on them, sit on them… the list goes on. Either way, we go through too many sunglasses to feel good about it.

We contacted Zeal Optics and asked if they wanted to get behind our sailing expedition up the West Coast looking into Marine Debris. They ended up throwing us two pairs of sunnies to try.

We went for Ace Model in Crushed Coral for Jamie and El Dorado in Hickory for Base.

What appealed to us about Zeal is the company’s philosophy.

Use Less. Give Back. Explore More.

It’s hard not to get behind that philosophy, it is pretty much what Base and I stand for.

When we looked into the technology that Zeal Optics is using that is when we started to get really impressed. Zeal uses plant-based technologies to make their sunnies biodegradable. Sustainably sourced Cotton, Wood Pulp, and Castor Beans are all used to make the frames and even their lenses are plant-based.

Dropping our sunglasses in the ocean is always a possibility, so knowing that these will biodegrade underwater or soil in 18 months is a big tick in our books. They are petroleum free and will eventually break down – no long-lasting pollution.

Zeal has lots of different styles and models to choose from, but we both loved the polarised and crystal clear Ellume lenses in the sunglasses we were given. Being sailors we rely heavily on polarised sunglasses to help us see reef and rocks below the water, and these sunnies were fantastic to look through.

They were comfortable to wear and were durable which suited the fact we were wearing them day in and day out on the boat.

One thing we wished we done, is to get the granny string on them from the beginning. Unfortunately, over the course of 8 months sailing, they were both lost over the side. At least we can feel okay about them not lasting a lifetime on the ocean’s floor. But it’s the nature of sailing, I am actually surprised we didn’t lose them sooner. Jamie’s made it 5 months and Base’s made it 4 months. But if we just had the granny string we would still be wearing them!

Over these sunnies ticked the bill for us in being a fantastic sustainable alternative, the companies values were a great fit with us, and they were fantastic polarised lenses that helped us guide Lady C quite safely around plenty of unchartered reefs.

Here is where you can pick these up…


Check them out here.



Jamie’s are here







And be sure to check out their site and all the amazing ambassadors they have on their team – over at www.zealoptics.com